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Ground breaking Cars

There are a couple of cars that come along every now and then that change everything, and set themselves up to go in the history books of the automotive world forever. We’re talking about cars that break boundaries like the Subaru WRX, not just cars that go fast and look pretty. The car that we are going to look at today definitely warrants the title of a Ground Breaking Car and it is the one and only Toyota Hilux.

Toyota Hilux

The Toyota Hilux has been around since 1968, which immediately says something about the vehicle, for if there is demand for a car for that long it must have something going for it. I guarantee today’s Hilux will be a classic in 30 years so if you are a buyer of classic cars you might want to check them out! So what has the Hilux got going for it? Well for a start it can literally break the ground. It is one of the most reliable, sturdy and robust cars money can buy. It is known for being indestructible, a reputation which was fully put to the test when the Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson set about to do everything in his power to destroy the Hilux. Now this wasn’t a brand new top of the range Hilux, it was in fact a 1988 model which had 305,775km on the odometer so it had already been through a fair bit.

When Jeremy got the Hilux in his hands he put it through astounding amounts of abuse including driving it down a flight of steps, scraping buildings, crashing into a tree, leaving it out at sea, smashing through a garden shed, dropping a caravan on top of it, hitting it with a wrecking ball, setting it on fire and putting it on top of a 240ft block of flats which was then brought down by controlled demolition.

Safe to say then, this car can be put through the wars, and it might literally be able to break the ground. Cars like the Hilux make your Range Rover Evoques of this world look about as rugged second hand Toyota Prius+.