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Reliable Cars 2014

A huge factor now a days when buying a car is how reliable it is. this applies to both new and used cars alike. You hear horror stories about certain manufacturers and some particular models and you can end up feeling lost in a world where it seems every car is out to get you no matter which one you go for. It is an issue because all the reviews you see on the internet etc, are done by people who have driven a car round for a day or two, which is fine, but it doesn’t really give you the bigger picture, i.e will this car still be as good after a year? Or will a bunch of problems surface before then? Thankfully car owners like to have their say, and from their feedback you can find out which cars are actually reliable. There is also a manufacturer reliability index which gives you an idea of which companies have a good record in terms of reliability. Anyway, allow us to introduce to you, two of the cars that consistently got high scores in terms of reliability from their owners.

Mazda 3

The Mazda 3 has been championed for its looks, its road handling and its build quality, the latter of which really helps make the Mazda 3 a reliable car. Furthermore it has scored a top score on the EuroNCAP test thanks to the cars excellent safety equipment and technology. The fact that a Mazda is in this post shouldn’t come as too much of a shock as Mazda does have a good reputation in general for being reliable. This should be a reassuring facture for anyone buying new or second hand Mazda 3 cars.

Honda Jazz

Honda is another manufacturer that has a pretty good reputation for being reliable cars, and one that was consistently scoring high was the Honda Jazz which came first in the 2014 survey for reliability. The Jazz isn’t a car that will give you nonstop thrills, but I guess that is the price you can end up paying for something as important as reliability, it is also surprisingly spacious for such a small car. This rewards of the Jazz’s reliability should pass over to any second hand Honda Jazz owners.